Rob Lea

Ultimate World Triathlon

Day 01: Anacortes, WA to Marblemount, WA

Distance74.24 mi
Time5h 6m 15s
Elevation Gain1,909 ft

Today started off a little shaky after not sleeping much last night and waking up to an overcast and drizzly day. Things continued to not go my way when I could not get my bike computer with my maps in route finding to turn on. Then I proceeded to let all the air out of one of my tubeless tires trying to top it off. I realized that the nut that holds the stem on was missing and I just pushed it through.

But, redemption was coming. I showed up for the start of my ride and we had mentioned it online and to a few people. Just as 9 AM rolled around, about a dozen folks came to see me off. People had driven this for a an hour just to see me start the ride! So cool to have them there and share this moment. Thank you to those wonderful folks that showed up!

I got to ride with Caroline for the first 15 miles or so and that was great. Disaster struck again when I got a nail right through the tubeless tire. I literally thought I might make it across the whole country without a flat and here I was 30 miles in with my first big flat. I’ve never fixed a tubeless tire, but I had watched some videos. I was able to fix the tire and continue on. Once I started getting into the mountains I really felt like I started getting into my groove. I was able to ride 75 miles today which is not a ton, but I wanted to ease into the ride and allow for some time to work out the kinks. Glad I allowed for that. I was able to finish the day off by jumping into the Skagit River. To bed early this evening and up early tomorrow. I’ve got a massive amount of climbing tomorrow… Something like 11,000 feet 😬

Rob Lea standing with bike in Pacific Ocean prior to starting Ride Across America.

Rob Lea with crowd that came to see him off on his Ride Across America.

Rob Lea holding map of projected route for Ride Across America.

Rob Lea riding his Specialized bike at the start of the journey.

View of the road ahead.

Nail in bike tire.

Rob holding the nail that was extracted from bike tire.

Rob takes a selfie with tree-lined road behind him.