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Ultimate World Triathlon


Ride Across America

Follow Rob's progress as he rides over 4,000 miles across America from Anacortes, WA to Nantucket, MA.

Last Update: Sun, Sep 15 at 10:12pm MT

The Journey

Distance1470.57 mi
Time93h 53m 16s
Elevation Gain54,500 ft

Daily Recap + Photos

Map of Route

Day 17: Dickinson, ND to Bismarck, ND

115.16 mi | 3,091 ft elev | 7h 30m 47s

I am pretty wrecked tonight. Expectations will always kill you and I expected today to be similar to yesterday. I can’t make this stuff up… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 16: Glendive, MT to Dickinson, ND

100.20 mi | 3,540 ft elev | 5h 18m 49s

I’d like to cut right to the chase… I made it to North Dakota! It felt really good to cross into another state. Montana is massive and I’m… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 15: Wolf Point, MT to Glendive, MT

103.74 mi | 3,320 ft elev | 6h 25m 24s

After waking up to fog in Wolf Point, Montana, I had to resort to two breakfast hot pockets to get the day going 😬. not a whole lot to eat… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 14: Sleeping Buffalo, MT to Wolf Point, MT

102.92 mi | 1,526 ft elev | 5h 18m 20s

Today was fairly uneventful. It rained most of last night. It was damp but not raining when we awoke. My idea was to get an earlier start… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 13: Havre, MT to Sleeping Buffalo, MT

109.13 mi | 1,273 ft elev | 6h 5m 4s

We woke up in Havre, MT. This morning was one of the better “continental breakfasts” that I’ve had on this trip. If you travel, you know… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 12: Cut Bank, MT to Havre, MT

126.05 mi | 2,159 ft elev | 6h 40m 21s

I woke up in the plains today. I was excited to talk to another cross country rider going the opposite direction at breakfast this morning… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 11: Logan Pass (Glacier N.P.), MT to Cut Bank, MT

83.44 mi | 1,371 ft elev | 5h 6m 36s

Today I woke up to a very rainy and cold day in Glacier National Park. We started with breakfast at Lake McDonald Lodge. A shuttle back up… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 10: Whitefish, MT to Logan Pass (Glacier N.P.), MT

67.82 mi | 5,207 ft elev | 5h 9m 55s

Today was like a metaphor for this whole bike ride… it was a roller coaster. I started the day by dropping Caroline off at the airport. I… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 9: Marion, MT to Whitefish, MT

42.02 mi | 1,178 ft elev | 2h 34m 32s

We woke up this morning in a nice bed-and-breakfast in Marion, MT. I had a shorter ride today so there was no hurry to get out the door… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 8: Libby, MT to Marion, MT

66.09 mi | 4,100 ft elev | 4h 28m 9s

I woke up to rain and had rain for most of the day today. Today was the first bad weather day of the trip. I started in Libby with a motel… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 7: Clark Fork, ID to Libby, MT

71.08 mi | 2,634 ft elev | 4h 56m 45s

Today the riding started in Clark Fork, Idaho. I was pretty psyched to be in a new state and actually quite close to my third state. Instead… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 6: Blueslide, WA to Clark Fork, ID

100.13 mi | 2,241 ft elev | 6h 25m 10s

This morning we woke up in the Ruby Creek Lodge. This was my favorite stop that we’ve had this for. A beautiful area and lodge run by two… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 5: Colville, WA to Blueslide, WA

48.46 mi | 2,769 ft elev | 3h 33m 35s

Day 5 – I started the day in Colville, WA. I slept in a little later because it was a shorter day and I wanted to get some extra rest. The… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 4: Republic, WA to Colville, WA

54.05 mi | 3,812 ft elev | 3h 58m 11s

I woke up to a brisk morning in the Teepee in Republic, WA. After some coffee and breakfast I got on the road and immediately had to climb… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 3: Twisp, WA to Republic, WA

109.76 mi | 7,388 ft elev | 8h 6m 20s

Day 3 ✅. 109.76 miles, 7388 elevation gain. I tried to beat the heat today and we started at 6:30am. Caroline joined me again for the first… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 2: Marblemount, WA to Twisp, WA

96.26 mi | 6,982 ft elev | 7h 9m 3s

Day two was a doozy. Even though I knew it was going to be a tough day, I am now in Twisp, Washington and I am wrecked. I rode 96 miles and… [Read More]

Map of Route

Day 1: Anacortes, WA to Marblemount, WA

74.24 mi | 1,909 ft elev | 5h 6m 15s

Today started off a little shaky after not sleeping much last night and waking up to an overcast and drizzly day. Things continued to not go… [Read More]